Game Plan for a Guaranteed 6-Pack

meal plan

A list of meals to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner – which simply doesn’t work for 99% of the public.

Instead, let’s start by eliminating nutritional deficiencies.

You probably don’t want to hear about your nutritional deficiencies, but you likely have one OR MORE

(Over 80% of the population has at least one nutrient deficiency)

You’re definitely not going to be your best with one or more of the body’s essential nutrients lacking.

So, to eliminate deficiencies, your first order of business is to get:

a bit more protein,
lots of vitamins and minerals (nutrient dense foods),
sufficient healthy fats, and
more water.
Once nutritional deficiencies are addressed, you can start to focus on things like food quality and portions.

“Is counting calories important for weight loss?”

Counting calories is often complex, time consuming, and full of errors. The good news: There’s a better way. Weight management is a simple equation: Eat more than you burn, and you gain weight. Eat less and you lose weight.

But the physiology behind “calories in, calories out” is actually much more complex and dynamic than most people realize.

It’s also highly imprecise; we estimate that there’s typically an error of up to 25 percent on the ‘calories in’ side, and on the ‘calories out’ side.

Counting calories is an external system. To really win at calorie control, you’ll need to tune in on your internal hunger signals.

For these reasons, and more, we tell our clients that for most people, counting calories is a lot of work for very little benefit. Continue reading “Game Plan for a Guaranteed 6-Pack”

How to Stop from Getting Old and Fat

Many people settle for having a belly at a certain age…

but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When you’re over 60, being a little overweight may actually be beneficial, because being underweight increases one’s risk of malnutrition, osteoporosis, and falls. But you don’t want to be carrying too much excess weight!

If you’re very overweight or obese, you’re more likely to develop chronic diseases earlier in life, and obesity also makes it more difficult for older people to accomplish simple daily tasks.

Weight gain is a common “side effect” of aging, as your metabolism gradually slows down.

Sarcopenia, a decrease in muscle tissue that occurs with age, is a likely cause—but not the only one.

People also become less active as they get older, even more so if they have painful health issues that make getting around difficult. Burning less calories while still eating the same amount will make you gain weight, too.

To top it all off, prescription medications can be a culprit to substantial weight gain, and the older you are, the more you’re likely to require.

Baby Steps Are All You Need!
You probably don’t have to lose as much weight as you think to improve your health…

Continue reading “How to Stop from Getting Old and Fat”

Written In Stone

Hello, and welcome to another Edition of Intro to Beginning Weight Lifting 101 for Dummies 😉

Progressive overload is one of the laws of the land, in the weight room, anyway. Look at progressive overload as your path to improvement. In order to enhance your body, you’re probably going to need to lose fat, and grow (or tone, as some prefer to say) some muscle. To do this – you need to give your body a respectable dose of unconditioned stimulus – over the course of a long period of time.

There are lots of people out there who;

a.) have physical jobs, yet aren’t extremely physically fit, and

b.) exercise regularly, but you can’t really tell.

How does this happen? What are they missing? In both cases, their bodies have most likely adapted to the stressors they are placing on it, so they have become conditioned for that activity. The human body has an astonishing ability to acclimate itself to different environments and requirements. When your body becomes efficient at a specific activity – it will require less energy to perform said activity, and it will no longer be a catalyst for adaptation – known as the Law of Diminishing Returns (it’s not only a law in economics)… Continue reading “Written In Stone”